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Fernanda Sullivan - Handcrafted Jewelry

black w/ red dot - Jarina Necklace

black w/ red dot - Jarina Necklace

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This handmade jewelry was Crafted with well-known vegetable ivory, Jarina beads, and natural-color Acai seeds. The subtle contrast of black Jarina seeds and the pop of red detailing on each side create a captivating harmony.

Embrace the allure of sustainable, handcrafted jewelry that brings a touch of the Amazon to your style.
- Measured approx. 26" in length
- no clasp. necklace is closed by a knot with a wood bead.


- Bio jewelry involves the utilization of dyed seeds
- Avoid contact with water and perfume as it can affect the color and stain clothing ; if wet, let it air dry.
- Clean with a dry cloth only.
- Keep away from high temperatures or humidity .
- Do not eat your tasty new Jewelry ;)

Please note that everything displayed on this website is handcrafted by Fernanda Sullivan. Each piece is unique, especially the seeds. As they are a natural product, we cannot control their sizes and colors. We also cannot guarantee the exact shade of the seeds as it may vary depending on the season.
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